Charity of the Month Thriving in rescue after a rough start, London is full of life and an inspiration to everyone who meets him! London is a wonderful ambassador for his breed, and he continues to shed light on the horrid topic of Animal Abuse!
London’s journey began in Northern California when someone contacted Tana Bachmann, a Del Norte County Shelter representative, in regards to a puppy with fractured from legs. The stories of the two adults in the home were conflicting & the pieces were not fitting together. However, at that point the most important thing to do was get this sweet puppy to safety and into a Veterinarian who could asses
s and ultimately help London. Not being able to provide London with the surgery and care he needed at the California DVM, he was transferred to Panda Paws Rescue who specialized in special needs canines. The following day he was taken to Animal Care Clinic in Vancouver, WA for evaluation; and after reviewing radiographs it was determined that London had two severely fractured, shattered front legs. Both compound fractures in the elbows indicate that he had fallen from significant height. However, it doesn’t stop there. It seemed he was left on hot ground, presumably pavement or asphalt, for quite some time. London had burns covering all of his paw pads and his underbelly that have begun to heal… leaving everyone to believe this injury had gone untreated for, at least, a month if not longer. London was left unable to walk and all the while, he learned to adapt to his front legs that offer no support or use for his body. He had built a remarkable pain tolerance & scooted his body around using the power from his hind legs and his face as his frontal tri-pod support.

On August 14th, 2012, the truth behind his shattered elbows & vague history came to light. Early Thursday morning Amanda Giese, Founder of Panda Paws Rescue, was provided with statements & evidence depicting brutal attacks on London that had occurred months ago. His legs were not in fact fractured as a result of a fall from a significant height. It is now known his legs were purposely & deliberately broken at the hands of his previous owners on two separate occasions. The Crescent City Police Department as well as Jon Alexander, District Attorney of Crescent City, CA researched the case and multiple suspects HAVE been arrested, are in custody & are being formally charged with felonies in this case. We will update the details on the case as more information surfaces.

London underwent surgery on August 1st, 2012, performed by Dr. Brandon Sherman at Animal Care Clinic, to remove his two front legs as it was decided that it was the best possible option for his recovery & long-term quality of life. His journey is one of inspiration and hope. He has a definite will to survive!

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